free ride

Here are two more nudibranchs from Salt Point. The video shows (I think) a Cockerell’s Dorid. It’s right at the water line, and is hitching a free ride on a limpet. Or maybe trying to eat it? By the end of the video, you can see its foot and the rhinophores, yellow-tipped and feathery, in the lower left. The photo is of a tiny white-spotted Dorid (I think), about 2cm long, inside a mussel shell.




I’ve started a new work that has me, happily, back to shooting video in the tide pools at Salt Point. It means catching the tides and the weather at the right hour, on days when I’m in the area – a rare mix. Friday was a perfect day, and I was trying out a new borrowed camera, an Olympus TG-5. Day One: two nudibranch sitings! A good omen.


The very opening of Tacita Dean & Jeremy Millar’s book Place:

“The question, what is place? presents many difficulties. An examination of all the relevant facts seems to lead to different conclusions. Moreover, we have inherited nothing from previous thinkers, whether in the way of a statement of difficulties or of a solution.”  – Aristotle, Book IV, The Physics

My place has changed. Since August, Steve and I have experienced three memorials. Ted, Chloe, Pam. Pockets of unwanted silence. We’re planning a memorial for the memorials, the two of us, a windy day at Salt Point. Just to let the wind do its thing. Fill us with howl.