Cerulean Blues

June and July and nearly August…

As I listed these months, counting the time since my last post, a cover of “Fly Like an Eagle” by Tony Crown started playing in the background. It was a slow ghostly version of the old Steve Miller Band song, never heard this version before. Perfect synchronicity. Time keeps on slipping…

But I haven’t been sleeping by the sea. Gabriel Harrison chose a number of works during a studio visit in early spring, most of them recent, for a solo exhibit at Stanford called Cerulean Blues. He put together a beautiful installation, especially for Copepodilia: 64 images varying in size from 10″ x 8″ to 50″ x 40″. It was up for much of July and just closed yesterday.

One work was unresolvable – the photographs of collisions along the coast. I’ll figure it out eventually, but for now, I pared it down to just one image, same title as the show: Cerulean Blues.


Cerulean Blues   pigment print on Arches Aquarelle   40″ x 60″   2017

Cerulean Installation 1

most of Copepodilia 2017, with Pool 2017 in the foreground


Sandbox   sorted sand on birch boxes   33″ x 103″   2017

Blues Sand Pool

Cerulean Blues 2017, Sandbox 2017, and Pool 2017 in the foreground

Wind Pool Cope

Homage to the Wind 2012, Pool 2017, and a bit of Copepodilia 2017